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Blessed at Home #17: When to Let Go

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Today's featured contributor is Meghan from First Comes Love

Meghan @ First Comes Love

Meghan is an English major undergrad – law school graduate turned homeschooling stay-at-home mother of six. She considers herself blessed to have given up what could have been a lucrative law career for the only opportunity she will ever have to guide, nurture, and love the precious blessings the Lord has given her and her husband. She’s living the dream she didn’t know she had. 
Meghan and her husband have been married over twenty years, and their three boys and three girls range in age from thirteen years to two years. Blessed that her husband loves to cook for his family J, she strives every day to create a loving and peaceful environment for her family with her words, attitudes, and actions.
The Lord has also given her a passion for writing uplifting and inspirational fiction, and she scribbles out her stories of hope (praying for eventual publication) during the quiet moments of naptime. In addition to reading classics and contemporary Christian fiction, she sews for her girls, laughs and plays with the children, endeavors to grow closer to the Lord so as to see His will more clearly, homeschools alongside her students, and helps her husband as he tackles the challenges of raising a family for the Lord.

Named from the Biblical command to love God with all our hearts, souls, and minds, her blog First Comes Love, focuses on homeschooling, homemaking, big families, and pleasing the Lord in all we do.

Today's topic is, When to Let Go.

Jennifer, Mama Economics

As our family continues to grow closer to the Lord, the more we realize that God's word is perfect. His word applies to us just as much today as it did when Jesus walked the earth. Sad to say, we often get caught up in the legalities of how our family should live for the Lord, that we often lose sight of actually living for the Lord. This weeks Blessed at Home topic couldn't be more timely for our family as we are learning just what it means to know 'when to let things go'. How true God's word is when He tells us 'to everything there is a season'.

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. ~Ecclesiastes 3:1 (KJV)

Our family is in the throes of learning when and how to let go. This does not come easy for us, especially as we have lived a relatively structured and sheltered life for the past 10 years. We have immersed ourselves in God's word, seeking to honor and obey all of God's laws and commands, only to come up short. You see, it is impossible to live up to God's standards. There was only one perfect being to walk the face of this earth and it was Jesus. With Christ interceding for us, we do not have to live in bondage to the 'laws'. Yes, we should obey God and continue to read His word, but our focus should be living a life of service with joy and peace in our hearts.

There are so many areas in our life where opportunities may arise for us to respectfully 'let go'. Sometimes God allows us to go through certain seasons to teach us humility, long-suffering, and a plethora of other godly characteristics. When there is angst and discord in our lives, we should pray, read the Bible, and do a personal evaluation of our current circumstances to see if there are situations or environments that we may need to separate ourselves from. As followers of the One True God, we are not destined to live a life of bondage. God set us free by giving us His Son as our Precious Redeemer.

Removing yourself from certain lifestyle choices or circumstances does not mean you are giving up or foregoing your convictions, it simply means you have chosen to take a different path. I am guilty of worrying about what others will think or say about me if I choose an alternative path than the one I'm currently walking; but I have to look towards Christ and trust that He is leading me no matter what it may look like to an outsider. So I encourage you today, if you find yourself at a crossroad, do not fear the change-- for God has made it perfectly clear, to everything there is a season.

With Love,


As mothers, our goal is to raise healthy, intelligent, responsible, independent, God-loving children who grow into adults with these same qualities. 

After years of training and nurturing our children, it is hard to know when to let go.

I think it is easier on everyone if we let go a little at a time, starting from early on. We should not make every decision for them, but instead help guide them and teach them how the choices we all make affect our lives.

I always say, "choose your battles, mom!" Let them start with small decisions when they are young and gradually give them the freedom to decide more important things as they mature. We need to trust them and give them some opportunities to make good choices. They will learn and get stronger from their choices.

The hardest part of being a mother with grown children is knowing when to let go.

Misty, Simply Helping Him

Knowing when to let go has never been easy for me. Don't get me wrong I've walked away from many things, but I don't think I knew for all of them that it was time for me to let go. 

The few times I knew 100% that it was time to let go were after much time in prayer seeking the Lord. 

If your spirit is not at peace or you're wondering if a particular venture is God's will for you, then start right and seek Him. He will guide you when you seek Him with your whole heart. 

Meghan, First Comes Love

When to Let Go

When worry wiggles its way into life, consuming thoughts, attitudes, and decisions…let it go.

When past hurts haunt the nights and fill the days with difficulty…let it go.

When prayers return with the continued refrain of “no”…let it go.

When habit becomes distracting or harmful…let it go.
When thinking leads astray of whatever is true, noble, and pure…let it go.

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  1. Each of these posts blessed my heart today. Especially knowing when to let go as a mom of grown children (or ones who think they are grown and mature.)


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